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Candle Sets

Beautiful intricate Candle, Shell, Handkerchief set.
These one of a kind Candle sets are handmade, in either white or ivory. You may find pearls, crystals, ribbon, bows, beads, or stunning embroidered lace making up these gorgeous pieces. These unique candle pieces come in many shapes. You may find they are cylinder, rectangle, or oval.
To match, the Shells are put together piece by piece to compliment the Candle and Handkerchief.  The Handkerchiefs are made of satin and are embroidered or knitted to match the Shell and Candle beautifully.
The cylinder and rectangles candles are approximately 7in tall by 2in wide. The Oval candles are approximately 7.5in tall and 1in wide. The handkerchiefs are approximately 9in by 9.5in. The shells are approximately 2.5in by 3in.